Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin - One of the latest craze in the skin care industry is dark chocolate skin treatments. Currently it seems Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin in the world are very real beauty. Many beauty salons have started to use dark chocolate in their skin treatments.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin

Cosmetics manufacturers are now jumping on bandwagon. Increasingly, they are adding chocolate as an ingredient into their skin care products formulas. The chocolate has skin softening properties. Chocolate skin treatments have become the latest craze. Chocolate is used due to its properties as a skin softener. It is also used to smooth wrinkles due to its anti-oxidant properties.

Firstly, chocolate does seem to help soften the skin. It could be due to the cocoa butter. Secondly, the anti-oxidant properties in cocoa could prevent free radicals from damaging the skin’s elastin, collagen and other protein.

Chocolate comes from the bean of cacao fruit. Cacao beans have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Fresh cacao beans are super-rich in antioxidants molecules that protect skin from environmental damage containing 10,000 milligrams of flavanol antioxidants for every 100 grams of cacao. Compared to other foods, they’re among the best sources of antioxidants.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin, prevent signs of aging. Because antioxidants in cacao defend against free radicals, they be able to stave off lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Then offer UV protection.

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Designer French Jewelry

Designer French Jewelry - French jewelry is very popular worldwide. While the country has a rich history of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, some of his best works may be yet to come. In this article, we will see some of the most popular brands of designer french jewelry of the last century. We have chosen these companies and individuals on the basis of quality, brand strength and number of awards they have won.

Designer French Jewelry

Next designer french jewelry:


You can not have a discussion of the French jeweler Cartier, not to mention. In short, are one of the best companies in France. They not only have outstanding brand recognition worldwide, but have also maintained a high level of quality for over one hundred years. As the preferred jewelry of kings, queens and celebrities from around the world, Cartier is clearly the best crop of French jewelry firms.

Founded in the 19th century, Cartier operates over 200 stores in 125 countries around the world. Its landmarks are in the cities of fashion like Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. Although it does all kinds of jewelry, is best known for its luxury watches, diamond tiaras and necklaces.

Some of the famous Cartier pieces include the Taylor-Burton Diamond (also known as Necklace Taj Mahal), Bestiary, and the line of watches Santos. Perhaps the company is best summed up by a prince of Wales, who called Cartier, "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers." With all his awards and a long history of prestige, it is hard to argue against that statement.


Chanel is known for its luxury goods not for their jewelry. The company, founded by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 1909, has been a leader of French haute couture for almost a century.

Renowned and award-winning works as the "comet" and necklaces 'Source' helped the company create a luxury image for itself in the years before World War II. Like other French designers of jewelry, Chanel fought immediately after the war. However, the 1970, the company had returned to full strength. After a series of successful CEOs, marketing campaigns and a dramatic change of brand, Chanel is now a world leader in both markets for French and international jewelry.

Today, Chanel operates several flagship stores around the world. In the last 10 years, Chanel has opened outlets in Beverly Hills, Hong Kong and New York. However, its expansion into the U.S. market is far from over, with more locations planned for almost every major metropolis.

Van Cleef and Arpels

Keeping pace with the aforementioned two companies, Van Cleef & Arpels is another famous French brand. While the company focuses mainly on jewelry, also designs luxury watches and perfumes. His specialty, however, is part of the gemstones. Apart from diamonds, the company is known for working with stones less popular, like pearls, aquamarine and garnet tangerine. This gives the piece a unique beauty that does not compare to any jewelry company in the world.

Van Cleef & Arpels has recently developed a procedure known as "Establishment of Mystery." Although most of the gem-setters use tweezers to hold the stones, Van Cleef & Arpels designed pieces that have no claws visible. This gives the diamond a magic, floating and greatly enhances the beauty of the piece as a whole.

Backed by hundreds of celebrities and royalty, Van Cleef & Arpels is a leader of the French jewelry industry. New releases are produced each year, and the company shows no signs of slowing in the short term. In short, Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the best, most dedicated companies in France.

Other independent designers

We've covered a lot of high end jewelry companies in French in this article. However, there are several individual designers that deserve to be mentioned because of his strict adherence to quality and strength you have given the French jewelry industry. As influential as the French companies such as Cartier, Chanel and Van Cleef & Arpels can be, often rivaled by these individual designers.

Jean Schlumberger

The president of Tiffany & Co. in the 1950s, Walter Hoving, agree with us when we say that the French designer Jean Schlumberger was one of the leaders in their industry. Not only has an incredible eye for detail, but the color is added so that other companies and designers could only dream of.

Clearly a lot of thought went into each piece by Jean Schlumberger. Looking at the curves and beauty in each of its parts, it is clear that his strict adherence to quality has paid off. Schlumberger died several years ago, but will go down in history as one of the four designers Tiffany & Co. has signed his work: a prestigious award for a man who devoted his life to the jewelry industry.

Christoph Burger

A hero of modern French jewelry designer, Christoph Burger is famous for its successful combination of classic and fashion styles. As such it is considered by many as a bridge between past and present designs.

Hamburger geometry used in many creative designs. It is also known for its use radiant diamonds, which seem to jump out of their parts. Hamburger works from his home near Colmar, France, and his work has been featured in galleries around the world. She sees her jewelry as a fashion statement that allows an individual to express his personality without words to another person.

As beautiful as the jewelry can be French, which is closely rival designs from countries such as Austria (home of Swarovski), and the U.S. (house of Tiffany & Co.). Therefore, companies and individuals who constitute the French jewelry industry are constantly innovating and expanding to try to match their competitors. The capitalists often say, "competition is good." In the case of French jewelry, the competition has given them the motivation to strive for perfection in all aspects of their work. As evidenced by the famous French jewelry company over, this work has clear benefits.

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French Jewelry

French Jewelry - Everyone has individual preferences regarding the jewelry. French jewelry, however, is particularly popular. Known for its exquisite curves, unique artistry and attention to detail, the jewels of France is a luxury all over the world.

French Jewelry

The history of French jewelry
From the manufacture of jewelry is one of the oldest professions in the world, the French have been perfecting their craft for over a thousand years. In medieval times, French royalty wore jewelry as a status symbol. In fact, when farmers and commoners tried to use the jewelry itself, several laws were passed that forbade them to use some pieces of luxury. These were known as sumptuary laws, which basically meant that the French nobility wanted the privilege of wearing jewelry to be completely alone.

With ordinary citizens left out of the market, jewelry manufacturing in France had held for centuries. However, in the 19th century, Napoleon changed all that. As part of its new French Empire, Napoleon was focused on the creation of a tribunal to draw up, fantasy. Display of wealth and prestige became the norm, and the manufacture of jewelry was recovered soon. The French jewelry market was back in full swing!

Since then, France has created the entire name in the jewelry industry worldwide. Not only has created several unique styles, but their jewelry companies are among the best in the world.

Art Nouveau
France is the cradle of Art Nouveau movement. In jewelry, art nouveau means that parts are organic lines, elegant, often leading to majestic forms, such as birds or flowers. Unfortunately, this style eventually became so popular that his pieces were mass produced, making it look cheap. However, some purists still go and admire the Art Nouveau jewelry of today, inspired by artists such as René Lalique.

Art Deco
Is supposed to represent modernity and functionality, Art Deco emerged in France around the same time as the art nouveau. His influence on French jewelry was negligible, and eventually came to be seen as representing a "false" the form of luxury. Like the art nouveau, which fell out of fashion, although it has undergone several brief resurgence during the last century.

Modern French Jewelry
Before the Second World War, dominated European art and jewelry in the world. In the decades following the war, however, the French were gradually replaced by American culture. As such gems, the French lost some of its prestige between 1940 and 1970. Since then, seem to have made a comeback.

Led by newcomers like Lorenz Baumer, who sees her jewelry as "an experience" French modern jewelry is presented in exhibitions around the world. Incorporating many unique styles and focuses on color and creativity.

French jewelry firms
In addition to the famous art movements, France is home to some of the best jewelry designers in the world. Famous for their pins, necklaces and watches, Cartier SA was formed in 1847 in Paris. Other companies, including Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, are also world renowned. In the past, customers of these companies jewelry included kings, queens, and Hollywood celebrities. Today is one of the most prestigious jewelry companies in the world with over 200 stores worldwide.

French jewelry prices
This prestige has a price. To wear the same jewelry as royalty, should also have as much money as they do. Consequently, the French jewelry can be some of the most expensive in the world. As with anything, prices vary according to the subject cut, clarity, color and design. However, like most strong brands, which often pay more for the name, then you make the quality of the actual product.

Jewelry mysterious French - the Hope Diamond
You can not have a discussion in French jewelry, not to mention the famous Hope Diamond. Originally called "Le Bleu de France," the Hope Diamond is known for both its size and supposed curse. A 45.52-carat diamond weighs approximately 9.10 grams.

However, the Hope Diamond was supposedly carved from a mysterious stone, the larger called "The Blue French", which was 67 carats. That stone belonged to several members of the French royal family, like King Louis XIV and Louis XV. However, there was a period in history where the huge diamond disappeared. While "The French Blue 'was not found again, the Hope Diamond is strongly believed that half of this famous piece.

After being transferred between several states and individuals, the end of the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian, where he is currently on display.

Was there ever any truth to the curse of the Hope Diamond? Despite rumors of numerous publications and the curse that seems to be completely false. A newspaper article, for example, said the owner of the Hope Diamond was tragically killed in a mysterious shipwreck. Further investigation, however, revealed that someone of the same name, had died, not the real owner. Over the years, the supposed curse is built on stories like this, each of them is less certain than the last.

The Taj Mahal diamond necklace
Another famous French jewelry piece is the Taj Mahal diamond necklace. Originally given to the wife of Shah Jahan Mogul of India in the 17th century, this exquisite diamond necklace by Cartier was redesigned into a beautiful diamond necklace. The piece became especially popular after the actor Richard Burton gave to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, for his birthday party for forty years, after which he became known as the Taylor-Burton diamond. When asked about the gift made, Burton said she wanted to buy the actual Taj Mahal, but it would have been too costly to transport. Today, the work belongs to the famous Frenchman Robert Mouawad.

French jewelry
has come a long way since medieval times. Despite being eliminated at various points in history, the French designers have always found ways to innovate and expand. Finally, all this hard work has given the nation a recognizable name, powerful in the jewelry industry. With numerous awards, prestigious companies, and creative designers, France is without doubt one of the best jewelry producing countries in the world.

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How to Control Oily Skin Naturally

How to Control Oily Skin Naturally - Hyperactive sebaceous glands are typically to blame when the skin becomes too oily. This leads to a shiny, fat, clogged pores, acne flare-ups and self-esteem issues. Sometimes the oil can be hard to fight this problem and many feel they are constantly either absorbing or trying to remove. Fortunately, there are ways to tame the beast of oil and feels much more comfortable.

How to Control Oily Skin Naturally

1. To make a wise choice of skin cleansers. Although you may be tempted to reach the hardest, the product loaded with alcohol at all, do not. If you strip the skin of its oil, which can actually produce more, so choose a mild cleanser instead.

2. Go to creamy cleansers and go for the gel. No matter how much you clarify, based cleanser often leave behind a bit of a residue, which is bad for your skin is already oily.

3. Wash your face morning and night, but do not do more than twice per day. While it may seem logical to wash more often to control the oil, making what is generally dries the skin too much and lead to production of more than the dreaded oil.

4. Buy a blotter that is created to control oily skin. This document can remove the oil and reduce shine, even if you're wearing makeup. However, it does not stop or reduce production of oil from your skin.

5. Use only oil-free makeup. Fortunately, you should find a wide variety of options at the counters of most makeup. You definitely want to stay away from any product that has moisturizers in them.

6. Add Translucent Powder to your arsenal of makeup and a couple of puffs of dust. You can use these to stop the oily base and maintain their fresh appearance.

7. Use a clay based product facial mask once or twice a week. These masks can be good for cleaning the pores.

8. Use astringents sparingly and be careful with those containing alcohol or acetone. That can lead to redness and irritation if you go overboard. You might even do better if they go completely.

9. Try products with salicylic acid or glycolic acid in them, since both are known to help control the oil on the skin. Note, however, will not cure the problem of oil production. Instead, we help make it more manageable.

Hopefully the article How to Control Oily Skin Naturally the above can be useful for you!

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Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips - Married of course every woman's dream, wantid obtain inner and outer happiness with a partner who has become the choice hearts forever. On the wedding day every woman also wantid look special in the eyes of the groom, wantid look beautiful, charming, graceful and make it more love you. Then how to you get beautiful in this important moment?

Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips
Here, you must start with the basic preparation beforehand, preparing invitations and make the invitation list was obliged to enliven your wedding party and witness your beauty as a bride. Then just choose the wedding dress is elegant, and finally it's time you listened Wedding Makeup Tips.

Before D-Day

First: Conduct a program of skin care, hair and nails at least 6 weeks before the wedding. Started going for regular facials and manicures also do not forget to do your hair treatments.

Second: Stay away from sunlight as much as possible. In this case you need to get out, do not forget to use sun-block, with at least 20 SPF. Try to avoid extreme weather, such as wind, rain or heat.

Third: If you stress because it has a tough job, be sure to go for relaxation massage, at least once a week. Use essential oils in your bathroom and try to use aromatherapy at least one session before the wedding.

Fourth: Do not sleep, you must set the time and rest that many if not you will find it hard to hide the circles under your eyes on D-.

Fifth: Make reservations for make-up artist at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Let him / her see your clothes, so that he / she can plan a proper display. You should also go for a trial session before the wedding.

On The D-Day

First: It is recommended to synchronize your makeup with a wedding dress and jewelry. If they are very heavy, then you should prefer to get makeup done on D-day.

Second: When your marriage also have a bearing on the type and amount of makeup. For example, the makeup looks good at night, but will make you look very strange under the harsh sunlight.

Third: If your wedding has been scheduled for the spring / summer, bright, pastel colors will work the best. For winter weddings, warm colors and deeper will be the better choice.

Fourth: Although your bridal makeup should be heavier and more dramatic than you would for regular party, it should not be so heavy that it makes you look like a made-up doll.

Fifth: Because your wedding, you will be photographed a lot. Remember, the foundation will work best with yellow tones flash photography. Meanwhile, in a tone of pink will make you look too pale.

Sixth: Always go for the lip liner, which is the same color as your lipstick. If not, you may end up with a lip line that is too glaring. At the same time, always stick to long-lasting lipstick, for your wedding.

Seventh: Remember, you have to balance the composition of the eye with lip makeup. In case you want to go for dramatic eyes, go for light color lip color. If you use a dark lipstick, it's better to have a natural, light eyes.

Eighth: Do not forget to apply foundation on the neck, back, ears and other body areas affected as well. If not, your face will look painted and your beauty - artificial.

Ninth: It is advisable to go for a light translucent powder dust, so you do not end up face shine too much. You can also apply bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and get natural light.

Tenth: Ask your brother, friend or other female relatives to bring the powder, and lipstick for your backup. This will help you do a touch up, especially if your wedding will be a long party.

Wedding Makeup Tips Good luck!

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